Around the WHS in 15 days.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Places covered: Pune, Mumbai, Panaji, Bangalore.

Day 1

·         Travelled from Chennai to Pune via flight which departs at 5:15 am and reaches Pune at 6:50.

·         On reaching Pune, arrival at Hotel Olive via the public bus.

·         Rest of the day spent in resting.

Time Taken 1h 35m

Distance Covered: 336.5 km + 7km

Amount Spent 2500 + 50+2850

Day 2

·         Breakfast at Hotel Olive. Visit Darshan Museum which is dedicated to the Sindhi Saint Viswani.

·         Proceed to Aga Khan Palace from there which is the biggest palace in Pune built by Md. Aga Khan III.

·         From there proceed to Patleshwar caves which is a rock cut caves carved in 18th century in the Rashkutra period.

·         Lunch at Swagat Restraunt.

·         Proceed to Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum which contains the works and collections of Raja Dinkar Kelkar who built this museum in memory of his son.

·         From there proceed back to Hotel Olive and rest.

·         Dinner at Hotel Olive.

Time Taken: 5m +20m + 25m + 10m

Distance Covered: 1.5km + 6.6km + 7km+2.4km +3.2km

Amount Spent:  70 + 40 + 100 + 10 + 30 + 70

Day 3

·         Eat breakfast and pack lunch and proceed to bus station to board the bus to go to Ajanta Caves which is a World Heritage Site and are 30 rock cut Buddhist caves.

·         From Ajanta caves proceed to Ellora Caves which is also situated in the Aurangabad district and is considered as a World Heritage Site, these are caves built by the Rastrakuta dynasty.

·         From Ellora caves travel to Aurangabad and check into Hotel Mrunal Palace.

·         Rest and Dinner at Hotel Mrunal Palace

Time Taken: 7h 15m + 2h 15m+45m

Distance Covered: 336.5km+108.1km+37km

Amount Spent: 80+ 700+300+150+80+2000

Day 4


Amount Spent:80+90+90+2000

Day 5

·         Eat breakfast, and pack lunch at hotel and set out to Bibi Ka Maqbara which is known as the Taj of the Deccan and is a poor imitation of the Taj Mahal via public bus.

·         From Bibi ka Maqbara proceed to Panchakki which is a water mill.

·         From there proceed onto Aurangabad gates which are 52 gates that symbolizes local history.

·         From there proceed to Aurangabad Caves which are rock cut Buddhist caves.

·         Onwards to Hotel Mrunal Palace for rest and dinner.

Time Taken: 10 m+10m+20m+25m

Distance Covered: 2.7km+2.5km+4.2km+6.1km

Amount Spent: 2000+80+10+10+15+20

Day 6

·         Eat breakfast and pack lunch and proceed to Daulatabad which is known as the city of prosperity and is a fort city.

·         From there proceed to Khuldabad which is famous for its Hanuman Temple.

·         Onwards to Jayakwadi dam which is the largest irrigation project in Maharashtra.

·         Onwards to hotel for rest and dinner.

Time Taken: 30m+20m+1h40m+1h10m

Distance Covered: 19km+14.7km+80km+53km

Amount Spent: 2000+80+100+80+300+600

Day 7


Amount Spent:80+90+90+2000

Day 8

·         Eat breakfast and proceed onto Mumbai via train reaching Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus which is a World Heritage Site and a historic railway station in Mumbai. Onwards to Hotel Ashwin via bus and have lunch.

·         Set out to Elephanta caves which are a World Heritage Sites. These caves are located in Elephanta Island dedicated to Lord Shiva.

·         Onwards for dinner and rest.

Time Taken: 6h+10m+3h40m+3h40m

Distance Covered: 335km+2.5km+151km+151

Amount Spent: 600+2500+20+300

Day 9


Amount Spent: 2500+70+60+100


·         Eat breakfast, pack lunch and set out to a city tour to Gateway of India via bus.

·         Onwards to Haji Ali Dargah which is an indo-islamic mosque via bus.

·         From then on to Siddhivinayak Temple, a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

·         Proceed to Juhu Beach is one of the biggest beaches and tourist attractions of Mumbai.

·         Onwards to Marine Drive which is a boulevard and is a natural bay.

·         Proceed to hotel Ashwin via bus for dinner and rest.

Time Taken: 2h30m+15m+10m+25m+45m+2h30m

Distance Covered: 137km+8.5km+6.4km+11.2km+27km+137km

Amount Spent: 2500+200+75+45+90+150

Day 11


Amount Spent: 2500+70+60+100

Day 12

·         Board the flight from Mumbai to Goa

·         Onwards to Hotel Delmon in Panaji for lunch.

·         Proceed to Old Goa which is a World Heritage Site. It is a historical city and served as the capital during the Portuguese era.

·         Onwards to Goa State Museum.

·         Proceed back to Hotel Delmon for dinner.

 Time Taken: 1h30m+20m+10m+10m

Distance Covered: 604km+11km+11km

Amount Spent: 2000+80+80+80+50

Day 13

·         Board a bus to Hampi which is also a World Unesco Site located in the ruins of Vijayanagara.

·         Rest at Archana Guest House followed by dinner.

Time taken: 7h

Distance covered: 345km

Amount Spent: 600+2000+200+200

Day 14


Amount Spent: 2000+150

Day 15

·         Onwards to Bangalore via bus and stay at 12th Avenue.

·         Proceed to Bangalore Palace which is a palace built by Reverend Garrett.

·         Onwards to Cubbon Park which is a historic park.

·         From there proceed to Lalbagh which is a historical botanical garden.

·         Onwards to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace which was the residence of the Mysore ruler.

·         Proceed to 12th Avenue for rest and dinner and proceed to Bangalore railway to board the train to Chennai.

Time Taken: 6h+20m+15m+6m+25m

Distance Covered: 367km+10km+11km+5km+4.4km+1.8km+11.5km

Amount Spent: 2000+150+40+20+10+150+600

Distance Covered: 3377+ (unaccounted distance) 250=3627

Amount Spent: 41195+5000(misc expenses)= 46195


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    Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose. Its all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self portrait. Everything is a diary. -Chuck Palahniuk

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