Application – GoUNESCO Country Research

At this time we are not taking applications for this program.

About the Internship:

  • GoUNESCO’s goal is to make heritage fun and to inspire an appreciation for heritage everywhere – tangible or intangible, cultural or natural. We also aim to be a one-stop shop for travel to UNESCO-designated heritage sites.
  • You will be part of our intelligence team – building a repository of travel information for UNESCO World Heritage Sites for one or more countries across the world.
  • Expect to spend about 12 hours a week over the duration of the internship.
  • Certificate/letter of participation will be given at the completion of the internship.
  • This internship is location independent – you can participate from anywhere in the world. Your responsibilities as part of this internship do not require travel.

Why You Should Join:

  • As a country researcher, your travel recommendations and data points will be viewed by thousands of people interested in heritage and culture – and will reach not just enthusiasts but some of the world’s foremost bloggers, photographers and people in top heritage organizations.
  • Further, the places you will research are among the most remarkable places on earth and are of outstanding universal value. Consequently, you will become an expert on that country’s heritage.
  • Finally, to recognise your efforts, your name will appear against the UNESCO World Heritage Site profiles you built.

Who Can Apply:

We invite high school and under-graduate students with an aptitude for research and an appreciation for heritage to apply. Please note this is an unpaid internship.

How To Apply:

Applications are now closed. We will be reopening applications in 2017.