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1. Hand Sanitizer

You don’t know when you are going where. You have no idea if your bus or train is going to be on time. And you really don’t know if you can shower before your next meal (which will most likely be a jam sandwich since that is the cheapest food and is straight out of your backpack!). So, carry a hand sanitizer. This is your biggest protection from germs and has kept many a traveler without sickness throughout the dirty, sweaty days of backpack travel!

2. Tissue Roll

You cannot pull over at the next gas station for a bathroom break – because the next gas station might not have a bathroom or the bathroom might be SO dirty, you would not mind baring your butt in front of random strangers instead of stepping into that one. So, trust us, whether you are exploring Hampi, or walking along the roads of Delhi or hiking in the Zanskar Range, just put that full roll of tissue paper into your bag.

3. Ear Plugs

If you have had the fortune of traveling in a train or flight without children in it, you are blessed! We have nothing against children. But, trust us when we say that after a really difficult bit of lugging the big backpack around and walking across terminals to get into your flight, most of you would look forward to a peaceful few hours before the dirt, grime and population of India hits you again. So, put on your ear plugs, or put on some music. And be transported to a peaceful world.

4. A Book

We have NEVER seen a backpacker without a book. In fact most places frequented by backpackers have book swap stores. Most backpackers travel alone and though you make friends along the road, nothing spells out good company like a book. If you are on a trip to the hills a deep and thought-provoking book is usually good. Whereas take a light, funny and cheerful book to seal the deal for a beach trip.

5. Blanket

We have heard many a traveler stories where people have spent nights along the beach, on the rocks or in a train station or airport. You don’t know when the weather or the air conditioner is going to be your friend. So, just take a sheet with you.

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