I used to visit Jhansi Fort since my childhood but the knowledge I gained was always left incomplete – #makeheritagefun played a major role in letting me know the exact  history of Jhansi Fort. I got this golden opportunity to be a member of this event. Dr. Sudha Gupta , Dr. Suresh Tripathi are scholars of History from Jhansi and these were the people because of whom this event was a successful one. I salute Mr. Ajay Reddy for facilitating such a great idea among the youngsters. Never thought kids would be so interested in this event, they were the people who were most enthusiastic among all. We even called media so that more people could get aware of this event.

The Jhansi Fort and a view of Jhansi city. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Historians told us that, with time, history is unfortunately changing — People mould history in such a way that in order to make things sound interesting they tend to make there own stories, for example , according to people Maharani Lakshmi Bai, the queen of Jhansi jumped from the fort which is 285 meter above ground level , but very few know about the truth that Rani Lakhsmi Bai escaped from the back door with some soldiers. We also came to know that to make whitewash more strong pulses and jaggery were added to it.

The architecture of that the fort depicts the architectural genius that the monument stands for. It has some hints of Colonial and Mughal architecture too. There are 10 gates giving access to the fort. Some of these are Khanderao Gate, Datia Gate, Unnao Gate, Jharna Gate, Laxmi Gate, Sagar Gate, Orcha Gate, Sainyar Gate and Chand Darwaza. Notable sights in the fort are the temple of Lord Shiva and temple of lord Ganesh at the entrance and the Kadak Bijli cannon used in the uprising of 1857. The shattered upholder on the eastern side was rebuilt by the British, who also supplemented a floor to Punch Mahal. There were some changes in the architecture when the British came to throne.

To make our event more fun we had arranged for some fun events like a PHOTOGRAPHY competition and TREASURE HUNT. I was awarded with a gift as I was the winner of the Treasure hunt competition. The coordinators had prepared some clues earlier which would lead a person from one place to another. The Treasure hunt was a real fun. We had an oath taking ceremony where we promised to keep our heritage sites clean and also that we won’t scribble anything on the walls of the monuments and even if we saw someone doing so we’ll ask them to immediately stop doing so. Media and social networking sites had played a major role in promoting the event.

In today’s competitive world, we have to preserve the monuments and showcase them to the next generation as the contributions or achievements of our ancestors. A little effort on our side can create drastic changes that will make the past, the present the future generations of the country  and the world proud of India.

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